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Multiplayer Action RPG

Astera is an action RPG focusing on cooperative multiplayer, deep character customization enabled by hero archetype combination, and dungeons with rogue-like elements.

The story takes place in a fantasy world rich in history and flavored with steam-punk elements. The game is designed around an open world environment that will reward exploration.

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About Eternium
About Astera
Gameplay Description

The game is an action rpg featuring the following characteristics:

  • Fast paced, fluid, and satisfying combat. We aim to bring a memorable gameplay experience that's just as fun on mobile platforms as it is on PC.

  • Tactical combat: our unique perspective is to scale difficulty by making the enemies smarter rather than just increasing their damage and health. Instead of just mashing buttons, the players will need to put more thought in how to use their abilities 

  • Hero archetype combinations: unlike other games where you pick your hero class and that’s it, in our game you will be able to combine abilities and talents from two hero classes.

  • Play style customization depth: players will be able to deeply customize their hero and play style by picking from a multitude of choices of abilities, talents, and equipment special effects.

  • Engaging end-game content with a high degree of replayability (rogue-like game mode, meaningful choices, events)

  • Meaningful cooperative multiplayer: in-game challenges that steer players towards collaborating with each-other.

  • Immersive world: we need to create a memorable and interesting world. Each civilization from the world has its own carefully design culture, religion, and defining characteristics

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