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About Us

Your friendly neighborhood game crafters.

We're a team of game developers based in Bucharest, Romania.

Our Story

As a team, we started working together more than a decade ago. As individuals, we've been playing games and experimenting with making them far longer than we can remember or would like to admit.

There were just three of us in the beginning, but we were working so fast and well together, that work was progressing like we were three or four times as many. Progress was good and we were having fun.

Releasing our first title - what you now know as Eternium, was an incredible moment in our lives. We've seen it grow steadily and organically to reach more than 30 million players.

Slowly, over the years, our team grew bigger, but by no means what you'd call a large team, as far as game development goes. But that skill of dong things as well as a far larger team persisted. Just imagine what we could do with a larger, well picked team!

Our ambitions and talent have only grown as time progressed. We're really excited about our future projects, as well as improving our existing work.

Meet The Team

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